1. Package



Set up your dashboard and configure widgets to your preferences, for a convenient view of all you data.


Configure external systems as datasources and let Hotellistat take care of the rest. Two-way PMS integrations and benchmarking are only some of the many features we offer.

Rate Shopping

Hotellistat shops your market rates from all big OTAs and presents them to you in the Rate overview.

2. Add-ons

Select additional modules that are added to the package you have chosen.

Revenue management - BASIC
Requires: Rate Shopping
Improve your workflow by using our visual pricing tool. Drag and drop your prices as you like and automatically send them to your PMS
Visual Pricing
Revenue management - GENIUS
Requires: Rate ShoppingRevenue management - BASIC
Get price recommendations from Hotellistat based on our algorithms. Set up our revenue configurator, and let it do the hard work.
Hotellistat price recommendation
Automatic pricing
Strategy definition
Group price quotation

3. Overview

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