Rate Shopping

All prices at a glance

With Hotellistat you can recognize in the blink of an eye whether your price matches the competition, your occupancy, your pickup and the forecast.
Hotellistat rate overview
Hotellistat rate overview competitors

Monitor your competitors

  • Compare prices by category - connnect own categories with the ones from the competitors with the help of the “Room Type Mapping”
  • Get a live update of the prices - quick and convenient and directly in our rateshopper
  • Identify possibilities with our forecast and the price recommendation for your ideal hotel pricing.
Hotellistat rate shopping plans

Analyze your prices

  • Historical pricing development: drill down by attribute!
  • Change of indicators: pickup, ADR, occupancy,...
  • Price changes in comparison to yesterday / 1 week ago,...
Hotellistat rate shopping PMS

Connect your PMS - free of charge!

  • Expand your information with pickup, occupancy and other key data
  • At a glance: large group in the books, or individual business?
  • Save time with all relevant data on one screen!