Revenue management

Simple hotel revenue management

Revenue increase made easy! Thousands of prices are analysed by our Revenue Management Software. With our unique strategy definitions you can create a personal yield management strategy. Increase your revpar at ease!
Pricing tailored to your needs
The base packages of Hotellistat (SMART, CLEVER, INTELLIGENT) can optionally be combined with the Hotellistat Revenue Management System (RMS). It is up to the customer to choose:
BASIC - The standard functionality
This module allows the control of ALL rate codes from the PMS. Depending on the complexity of the PMS, it is also possible to derive price codes and restrictions directly in Hotellistat.
GENIUS - The automated RMS (BASIC is a prerequisite)
With this module you can fully automate pricing. Either rely on the Hotellistat algorithm or define 100% individual and transparent own strategies: For example: “If occupancy is below 60%, set the FLEX price 5 EUR below the market on all weekends in Q1”


  • Set prices and restrictions directly via “drag & drop” in the the rate shopping overview
  • Control all rate codes with our PMS connection
  • Derive your rates in Hotellistat and be even more flexible!


  • Our Revenue Management Tools suggest the perfect price
  • Create strategies and let the computer monitor and execute them
  • “If it is raining on a weekend, and the occupancy is below 60%, open the promo rate”

This is how it work’s

  • Use the algorithm from Hotellistat and let “the computer do it”
  • Define whether to use OPEN PRICING or a RATE STRUCTURE structure - Hotellistat does the rest
  • Define Strategies by room-type or by rate-plan