The next generation of Hotellistat

We are proud to announce our brand new version of our Tool. Stay tuned for something big, coming Q1 2023!


Introducing our new Automated Revenue Intelligence System performing complex automation and optimization for your hotel

Full automation
at your fingertips

With our revised strategy definition system, you will be able to completely automate your hotel pricing structure.

Select a condition out of several datapoints such as your occupancy and decide what happens, be it increasing your base room price, setting restrictions and much more.

3 minutes

Average processing time


Strategy Evaluations


Strategy Evaluations


Actions to pick from
Demand forecasting

Let us estimate your future demand, so that you won't have to

Hotel forecasting

Get your forecasted hotel metrics, to improve your pricing

Strategy processing

Define your ideal pricing strategy, and our system will handle the rest

Recommendation by category

Our system can recommend prices on a per-category basis


Configure your notifications and stay up to date with latest developments

Deep rate analytics

Detect discounts, tag prices or get notified of faulty rates

Dynamic pricing configuration

Adjust your prices dynamically and react to short term market changes

Automated price pushes

Push your prices to your PMS automatically without manual triggers

Review keyword tracking

Analyze the most used keywords in reviews and make informed decisions

Review sentiment analysis

Get thorough sentiment analysis and know what customers like

Dynamic pricing

An agile approach to optimize your pricing structure. Our dynamic pricing system gives you all the possibilities you would ever need for your specific strategy requirements.

Multiple pricing domains

Set up your pricing by rate code, category or person and opt for the best strategy tailored to you

Split rate codes

Break static derivations within a rate code, for example: between rooms and suites

Seasonal pricing

Set up your pricing according to seasons and compensate for manual interventions

Derive sub-rates and restrictions

Derive sub-rates and restrictions from their base rates and make your pricing more coherent

Selective rate push to PMS

Select only the rates that you want to push to your PMS, and omit the others

Visual pricing modifications per rate code

Set prices by category, single category, all categories or make it completely dynamic

Use AI and take care of your customers

Our new review assistant generates responses to your reviews, so that you don't have to.

Competitors behold

Rank better than your competitors by increasing your management response rate

Instant feedback

It takes less than ten seconds to create a custom tailored response for a review

Sentiment analysis

Get a thorough insight into interesting aspects of your reviews

Natural synthesis

Our auto-generated reviews can not be differentiated from human-written reviews

Other features

Besides our new ARIS module, the new tool will also incorporate several features to improve your workflow and make the tool even easier to use

Overhauled user interface

Our user interface got a complete makeover, abiding to modern standards and accessebility

Poweruser support

Powerusers will get a even more optimized workflow with keyboard shortcuts and other improvements

Multiple compsets and hotel aggregation

Your hotels can now be aggregated into cluster groups and can have multiple compset constellations

Atomic role rights management

Our powerful new role and rights management system allows for fine grained control over who can do what in your hotel

Native application

Next to the website, the tool will also be shipped as a natively installable application (windows, mac, linux) to guarantee best compatability with your system

New system help and tour guide

The new and improved system help and tour guide will answer all of your questions with a simple click

Stay tuned!

We will be updating this page in the coming weeks with further highlights of new features