The ultimate
revenue management system

The ultimate
revenue management system
Meet the next generation of All-In-One hotel revenue management tools
and optimize your hotel pricing now!

Everything in one place

Everything in one place
No more switching between multiple tabs, tools and sheets.
A screenshot of the new dashboard of our v2 tool showing several charts and graphs relevant to the hotelier's business

One system for all your needs

We aggregate a tremendous amount of data from multiple datastreams such as:

  • Market data
  • PMS data
  • Event data
  • Competitor rates
  • Weather data
  • Holiday density

and much more!

This allows us to provide you with an all-inclusive overview about your hotel and your market. Furthermore, this enables our automated pricing engine ARIS to optimize your pricing in real-time while taking into account all relevant data.


Create and customize as many dashboards as you and your departments may need. Add widgets, tables and graphs to capture all your important performance indicators at a glance.
An additional InsightFeed allows you to create custom reports and see a chronological history of all relevant system events and notifications instantly.


We know that not everyone likes to work the same way. Therefore we use an agile approach to optimize your pricing structure, 100% customized and the way you want it.
Use our visual price editor to manually change your prices or create your own dynamic pricing strategy using our automated pricing engine ARIS. It evaluates changes, sets the optimal prices for each day and increases your revenue based on well-founded real-time internal and external data.


The Business Intelligence module allows you to create custom reports to see all relevant market and hotel data in one single place. Dive deeper into the data to fully understand the performance and trends.

Revenue Management - ARIS

Our Automated Revenue Intelligence System (ARIS) is an AI data-driven dynamic pricing engine that serves you with price recommendations and allows you to create own pricing strategies - all computed in real-time.
We take it to the next level with AI and automatically suggest the best rates for your hotel based on multiple data streams including your market's behavior.


The Web- & E-Commerce module integrates with your website in order to analyze its performance to support you in optimizing the conversion rate.


Monitor your market reputation based on multiple data streams such as your hotel's reviews, your competitors' reviews, and your market's behavior.
Let the system create personal AI-powered review replies for each of your guest feedbacks. Hotellistat takes over the heavy lifting while you focus on other important tasks. All without loosing your personal touch or your brand's voice.

Social Media

The social media module aggregates all your social statistics in a single place and allows you to create custom reports.
View Tops and Flops, see your competitors' social media performance, and get inspired to create your own social media strategy.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing
Keep your prices up to date based on the latest market trends.
Never miss out on a revenue opportunity again.
Multiple pricing domains

Set up your pricing by rate code, category or pax and opt for the best strategy tailored to you

Split rate codes

Break static derivations within a rate code, for example splitting between rooms and suites and managing them separately to gain a better understanding of demand patterns and adjust pricing strategies accordingly.

Seasonal pricing

Set up your pricing according to seasons and compensate for manual interventions

Granular derivations

Derive sub-rates and restrictions from their base rates and make your pricing more coherent

Visual pricing per rate code

Set prices by category, single category, all categories or make it completely dynamic

Selective rate push to PMS

Select only the rates that you want to push to your PMS, and omit the others

Respond to reviews within seconds

Respond to reviews within seconds
Don't waste your time formulating an individual reply to every review.
Let our AI do the work for you without losing your personal touch.

Enhance your guest connection effortlessly

Enhance your guest connection effortlessly
Managing hotel reviews is essential, but time-consuming.
Our Automatic Review Reply System intelligently generates personalized responses, saving you time and enhancing your hotel's reputation.
Real-Time Management:

Stay updated with the latest reviews and your guests sentiments.

Tailored Replies:

Authentic, meaningful and targeted responses that contributes to the guest relationship.

Consistent Voice:

Maintain your hotel's unique tone and style, even when replying in the guests native language.


Quickly generate and post replies.

Seamless Integration:

Effortlessly post the answers to, Expedia, and Google My Business, within Hotellistat.

Cross-Departmental communication:

Send guest reviews internally to colleagues to be able to take direct measures.

Improved Engagement:

A higher response rate will result in a higher ranking on the review platforms.


Automated Revenue Intelligence System
Industry leading AI powered automation for your hotel.
Define strategies or let our system compute the best prices for you.


ARIS combines multiple data streams - including holiday density, competitor prices, events, weather data, market trends, PMS data and many more - to give you an unparalleled advantage in revenue management.

Custom rate strategies

With ARIS, create simple or complex strategies tailored to your hotel's unique needs. Define the upload schedule, if needed.

Let ARIS do the work

Don't want to define your own strategies? No problem. ARIS can automatically calculate recommendations for you, leveraging advanced algorithms and machine-learning models for accurate predictions.

Transparency all the way

Unlock clarity with ARIS: Get easy-to-understand decisions and recommendations, backed by clear explanations and data insights

Discover the ARIS Advantage

Experience the power of ARIS and see your hotel revenue soar. Request a demo today and take control of your pricing strategy like never before.
Maximize revenue with data-driven decisions
Customizable strategies tailored to your hotel
Advanced algorithms and machine-learning models
Intuitive visual pricing interface
Seamless PMS integration

And so much more!

And so much more!
Demand forecasting

Let us estimate your future demand, so that you won't have to

Hotel forecasting

Get your forecasted hotel metrics, to improve your pricing

Strategy processing

Define your ideal pricing strategy, and our system will handle the rest

Recommendation by category

Our system can recommend prices on a per-category basis


Configure your notifications and stay up to date with latest developments

Deep rate analytics

Detect discounts, tag prices or get notified of faulty rates

Dynamic pricing configuration

Adjust your prices dynamically and react to short term market changes

Automated price pushes

Push your prices to your PMS automatically without manual triggers

Review keyword tracking

Analyze the most used keywords in reviews and make informed decisions

Review sentiment analysis

Get thorough sentiment analysis and know what customers like

Automatic review reply

Automatic review reply

Dynamic derivations

Create any pricing derivation you can imagine with our powerful derivation engine.

Custom KPIs

Decide what KPIs you want to use, and how they are calculated.

Group displacement calculation

Get insights into how groups affect revenue within your hotel and calculate the appropriate prices.

Contract evaluation

Evaluate the impact of contracts on your revenue and pricing.

Pricing automation

Let our system automatically calculate your strategies and recommendations and take the guesswork out of pricing.

Yielding per category

Yield your rooms and rates per category and get insights into how your pricing strategy affects your revenue.

Event priorization

Prioritize events, get insights into how they affect your revenue and pricing and react to the automatically.

Holiday density

Get insights into how holidays affect your revenue and pricing within our pricing engine.

Need period detection

Detect need periods and react to them dynamically to maximize your revenue.

Price alerting

Never sell below market price again. Get alerted when your prices are too low.

Market position surveillance

Get insights into how your competitors are pricing and react to their pricing strategies.

Meta seach impressions

See what people are searching for and how they are searching for it with our meta search insights.


Hotels trust us




Prices in our system


"We at the LINDEMANN HOTELS® have been working with Hotellistat for a year now. We are thrilled to have found an RMS system that we can trust due to its transparency. Continuous development and a close connection to each other have made the system perfect for us."

Profile picture of Jennifer Seeckt

Jennifer Seeckt

Vertrieb & Guest Relation
Louis hotels

"We at Louis Hotels (Greece & Cyprus) were looking for a flexible, innovative, adaptable revenue management system and that is what Hotellistat consistently deliver us. We have already streamlined multiple workflows, and feel the benefits of an integrated fresh approach. Highly recommended."

Profile picture of Richard Bedenham

Richard Bedenham

Online Revenue Manager
mk | hotels

"We the mk | hotels group with 13 Hotels have been working with Hotellistat for over one year now. The good collaboration on this project has increased our in-depth knowledge about our data and performance of our hotels. The good cooperation has led to improvements on our reporting and daily overviews."

Profile picture of Hans Arno Sonderfeld

Hans Arno Sonderfeld

Geschäftsführer mk | hotels

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Check out our blog

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