Welcome to Hotellistat

Welcome to Hotellistat

Hotellistat offers a cutting-edge, comprehensive solution in revenue, market, and business intelligence, catering to hotels on a global scale, effectively addressing their most significant challenges in commercial management.

Our Mission

Hotellistat is providing first-class, highly integrated technology for hotels to perform revenue management, market positioning, and commercial and business development, empowered by AI-driven predictions.

Where we come from

Hotellistat was established in 2016 in Munich, Germany, by Sina Niedermaier, Tobias Haase, and Philip Kuchelmeister. Drawing upon their extensive experience as revenue directors in the international arena, they recognized the significance and necessity of a solution. Given the absence of an existing system that fulfilled their requirements, they made the strategic decision to develop their own tool, thereby spearheading a groundbreaking transformation in revenue management within the hospitality industry.

What initially commenced as a supplementary endeavour to address their own needs swiftly evolved into a full-fledged undertaking, owing to the substantial demand expressed by other hoteliers. Thus, the inception of Hotellistat took place.

Our current endeavors

Through ongoing engagement with our partners, we are dedicated to enhancing revenue management within the hotel industry on a daily basis. At present, our focus lies in delivering a distinctive all-in-one system to hotels, enabling hotels to efficiently oversee all relevant data in one centralized platform, employ advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms for comprehensive analysis, and leverage the insights derived to make strategic and well-informed decisions. Consequently, we actively contribute to increasing revenue and relieving hoteliers and their staff from repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Our commitment to our customers remains steadfast, as we firmly believe that your success ultimately reflects our own.

Our Vision

Hotellistat will become the first choice #All.In.One RMB system for any type of hotel, in any destination of the world.

The road ahead of us

Hotellistat is determined to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in hospitality revenue management. Our mission transcends mere software and service provision; we are actively constructing a future wherein every hotel, irrespective of its size or location, possesses the tools and knowledge necessary for unparalleled success.

Our dedication to innovation drives us to constantly seek advancements, be it through refining our existing tools or developing new, state-of-the-art features. Throughout our efforts, the focus remains on the benefits for our partners.

A significant future objective entails harnessing the full potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver even more precise predictions and recommendations. By enabling the power of AI, we aspire to grant our partners not only to react to market trends but also to anticipate them, facilitating a proactive approach to revenue and market management.

Furthermore, our focus is to enable total revenue management within the Hotellistat platform. We strongly believe in the importance of shared knowledge and shared data. While there is still progress to be made, we eagerly anticipate the journey ahead.

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Join us at Hotellistat as we perpetuate the revolution in the hotel industry, meticulously shaping its future, one data point at a time.