Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Key benefits at a glance

  1. Internal & external data in one place: Automated data collection and real-time evaluation of hotel and guest data using market and competitor data.
  2. In-depth analyses: The system recognises even the smallest patterns and enables granular insights into changes and connections.
  3. Custom reports: Reporting has never been so flexible and can be done with just one click.
  4. Always one step ahead: Identify trends, receive forecasts and use the findings for optimal digital positioning.
  5. Cluster analysis: Compare your properties with each other.

Discover the possibilities of data-driven business management

Knowledge is power. The business intelligence module provides you with all the data and features you need for the success of your hotel. Get a comprehensive overview of your hotel's performance, market trends and the behavior of your guests. Make well-founded decisions to turn periods with low sales into periods with high sales.

Analysis of market positioning

Whether it's the rate structure of your competitors, your cancellation conditions or your prices across different sales channels - Hotellistat analyzes all market data for you. Thanks to user-friendly preparation, all reports and data are easily accessible and make work not only easy but also efficient. You alone decide how deeply you want to delve into the data and evaluations. In addition, our artificial intelligence ARIS benefits from the in-depth data analysis and additional market insights and uses these for precise price recommendations.

Analysis of internal data

From analyzing the booking curve to pickup to trend analysis - Hotellistat offers you detailed insights into your hotel data. The extensive reporting allows you to understand connections and, for example, better control your room availability and occupancy.

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