Tool v2 teaser

Our new tool will have complete redesign and will be rebuilt from the ground up

Daniel Schneider

Mar 17, 2022 ·

A quick glance at what the new tool will bring to the table

As already mentioned we are completely rebuilding our old tool with new technologies which will guarantee a major performance increase.

On the other hand, we've taken some time to improve the user experience and design of the new tool, based on top of best practices, easy usability and better support for power-users.

The new design

The new tool will come with a light and dark mode, which automatically adjusts to your system settings. This can majorly reduce eye-strain during day and night.

Power-user support

The new tool has gotten some ease of life improvements that will make you much more efficient at what you are doing.

One of these improvements is our reworked hotel selection modal, in which you can now also select hotel groupings, as well as differenciate between different hotel compset groups.

I hope we could intrigue you with our newest developments. Stay tuned, theres more to come :)