Mews is a property management system designed to simplify and automate all operations for modern hoteliers and their guests. From the booking engine to the check-out, from the front desk to the housekeeping, every process is easier, faster, and more connected. What Mews and Hotellistat have in common is that they allow staff to spend less time on screens and more time with guests.


  • Statistics period in the future: all on-the-books values
  • Time period into the future: 1 year (by definition)
  • Import of data: close to real-time
  • Push back of prices and restrictions: hourly automated & on demand
  • Available data details:
    • House Level
    • Room Type Level
    • Market Segment Level
    • Channel Level
    • Nationality Level
    • Company Profile Level
    • Travel Agent Level
    • Profile Level
  • Available key performance indicators:
    • Room revenue, F&B revenue, MISC revenue & other revenue
    • Average daily rate (ADR)
    • Occupancy (Occ)
    • Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR)
    • Total revenue per available room (TRevPAR)
    • Average Length of Stay (ALOS)
    • Lead Times

Mews x Hotellistat:

Mews is an innovative hospitality management cloud that empowers the modern hotelier to provide remarkable guest experiences. By connecting Mews with Hotellistat, hotels can easily improve performance, maximize revenue with ARIS, and enhance the guest experience through personalized AI-created responses to reviews.

Customer Success Story: