Protel's cloud-based PMS helps hotels make their guests' stay as pleasant as possible. Employees spend less time on the computer and more time with guests. The PMS enables seamless communication between all departments and billing and invoicing features that help track every transaction.


  • Statistics time period into the future: all on-the-books values aggregated
  • Time period into the future: 1 year
  • Import of the data
    • Daily End of Day Report
    • Real Time: Reservations, Blocks, Inventory
  • Push back of prices and restrictions: hourly automated & on demand
  • Available data details:
    • House Level
    • Room Type Level
    • Market Segment Level
  • Available KPIs
    • Room revenue
    • Average daily rate (ADR)
    • Occupancy (Occ)
    • Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR)

Protel x Hotellistat

With the 2-way connection to Protel, you can set prices and restrictions in no time! Set them via drag and drop directly in our rate shopping overview, having all information you need to find the right price: occupancy, pickup, competitor prices, and forecast. Or use the options offered by our fully automated transparent revenue management system: define strategies like: "if it is raining, open the spa promo rate", or "if my occupancy is above 80%, set my sell rate above competitor X". Derive rates from each other and perform real-time revenue management!