TrustYou is a platform that helps hotels collect, analyze, and act on customer feedback by sending out live and post-stay surveys. Asking the guests for real-time feedback allows hotels to identify and fix issues as well as positively influence the overall experience before a negative review is posted online.


  • Import of guest surveys into Hotellistat

TrustYou x Hotellistat:

Read customer surveys from TrustYou into Hotellistat. The analysis of guest sentiments directly in Hotellistat helps you to understand which areas in your hotel need more attention or are especially appreciated by the guests.

Complete and improve your reputation management by using Hotellistat's AI response feature and automatically generate responses tailored to your guest's review. Post them directly from Hotellistat to the different review platforms and save time and relieve yourself and your staff from repetitive and time-consuming tasks.